Newbury Art Group

Painting for Pleasure

Artist of The Month

Nandita Hoyes

"Art has always been in my life. I studied graphic design at Chelsea School of Art in the 70’s and was Secretary of Newbury Art Group for 10 years in the 80/90s. Then I moved away from Newbury and worked for almost 9 years in the Middle East before returning to Overton.
My first love is drawing from life, whether people or animals. Most of my work is done in my mind, so that when I do paint (acrylics) or sketch it is done very quickly to try to keep ‘the moment’. I particularly enjoy 15 minute poses. I’m inspired by Singer Sargent’s portraits, Hockney (particularly his pool paintings and charcoal sketches) and Vettriano. I have never used oil paints but have recently discovered oil pastels, those I find very useful for our sketching days en plain air."


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